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Who's KPT?
Kevin P Thompson is the Principal Architect and founder of GoKPT. Mr. Thompson heads a small, yet highly regarded, award winning, new media studio specializing in a diverse array of design solutions from Mobile UI and Web design to usability studies, interactive games, visual identity, print media and soundtrack creation.

"I choose projects for GoKPT that push design in all its various forms. My passion has been to transform and reshape traditional thinking about design whenever possible. Over the years I've had the opportunity to do exactly that with some of the most successful, forward thinking and cutting edge companies in the world. My success with these companies has become the foundation and bedrock in which I have been able to build my career."

Kevin P Thompson

» KPT's Skill Set Highlights: Design Phase
Usability Testing
Persona Modeling / Bench marking
Information Architecture
Initial Creative
Visual Design
Rapid Prototypes
Polished Creative
HTML Development

    » KPT's Skill Set Highlights: Pre Design Market / Demographic Research
    Psychographics Research
    Contextual Field Research
    Requirement Gathering
    Heuristic Evaluations
    Workflow Deconstructions
    Online Surveys
    Moderator's Guides
    Facilitation of User Studies
    Facilitation of Focus Groups
    Executive Level Presentations
    Case Studies


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