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Client List (Highlights)

Cisco Systems
Ticketmaster / Live Nation
Ally Financial Inc
City of Providence, RI

Course Technology / Cengage
General Dynamics
US Air Force / Lockheed Martin
A&E History Channel
The Biography Channel
Bank of America / Fidelity Investments
General Motors / GMAC
M.I.T. Sloan School of Management
Disney Interactive
Pixar Animation Studios
Tyco International Ltd / PixelMedia
Hearst Corporation / EMC
Viacom New Media
National Geographic
Simon & Schuster Publishing
Sega Interactive
Hasbro Interactive
Broderbund Software
Maxis Software


General Dynamics
Kevin was hired as an HFE consultant by General Dynamics C4 Systems (GDC4S). He successfully lead the HFE effort for GDC4S's portion of the Army's WIN-T program. This effort included standardization of the look and feel of GDC4S's varied thin and thick clients, development of standards for the presentation layer design and development,consulting with individual projects on screen design and look and feel concerns, and facilitating user studies with the Army. I was the GUI lead on the WIN-T TKMS program at GDC4S and worked with Kevin extensively in these areas.

Kevin's leadership was extremely helpful in coordinating style requirements amongst all the involved projects. We've merged to a consistent and usable style profile. He was also very helpful responsive to the TKMS program's request for guidance.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin as an HFE consultant and would work with him again if the opportunity presented itself!


D. Ward
Principal Software Engineer , General Dynamics C4 Systems

Heasrt Corp. / EMC
We just finished the full portal walkthrough with the stakeholders.  The response was extremely positive.  Brian Schwagerl, the VP with overall responsibility for the Tower building construction, was present and made a very enthusiastic commendation.  He says the portal exceeds his expectations.  Al Lustgarten, VP for Hearst Argyle, sat in on the entire 90 minute meeting and was also very impressed.  I wanted to pass on the “well done” and add my own “thank you” for all of your work on the portal.

Kevin Schiesser
Senior Project Manager

MarketDelta Inc
On another note, Kevin has been an absolute pleasure to work with and is very competent at not only what he does, but a very quick learner. Some of the things we had to jump into for this project were deep and abstract, but he quickly picked up on them and I feel has created a great user experience.  At some point in 2012 I will probably have another project (a redesign of a current piece of software) that I would love to have Kevin's involvement on.

Trevor Harnett
CEO MarketDelta Inc

General Motors
I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Kevin Thompson and GoKPT for the energy, vision and professionalism shown on the GM Family First initiative. I would like to specifically call out the Web design work as a wonderful example of value generation and realization. We can not begin to express our appreciation of Kevin and his team. GoKPT assumed an open role and seamlessly integrated into our group and worked within our project plan. Kevin's personal dedication and unwavering work ethic made him and GoKPT an invaluable member of our team.
Thanks again!  

Jeff Martin
Executive Director Strategic Planning and Project Management GM

General Motors
I can not begin to express our appreciation of Kevin Thompson's work. He assumed an open role on our team and seamlessly integrated into our group and worked within our project plan. His personal dedication and work ethic made him an invaluable member of our team. More importantly, he has helped to cultivate and develop "in-house" skills in the area of Web design. Where our eGM partners intended to hire an agency to manage the project AND do all the work, our employees actually did the work under Kevin's mentorship....producing nearly 400 pages of wire frames, assisting in the development of the prototypes, and coordinating all aspects of usability testing.

Jeff Martin
Executive Director Strategic Planning and Project Management GM


General Motors
Kevin Thompson came in-house and lead the GM Family First creative efforts. Kevin and his GoKPT team focused on the development of the informational architecture, creative , content development, Web design, usability testing and branding. Kevin's analytical and organized approach was responsible for keeping the project on track and on schedule. Kevin's ability to easily translate business requirements into Web design elements and to communicate the functionality of those elements to our third party developers saved GM time and money. I highly recommend Kevin and GoKPT for their creativity, technical expertise and work ethic. I look forward to working with Kevin again in the near future.    

Elizabeth Scavnicky
Project Manager - eCommerce General Motors



Impressive Chef
The development of the Impressive Chef Website by GoKPT has been a fantastic success! Many, many customers have commented about how they enjoy their experience on our site, particularly the professional use of colors, images and sound. The speed and attention to detail that Kevin and GoKPT provided us was key, particularly since as a start-up, we had numerous other challenges to deal with day-to day in order to get the doors open. Our customers consistently comment on the color palette, logo design and branding Kevin created as well. He truly helped separate us from the pack.  

Jay Regan
President Impressive Chef

Colonial Health Group
GoKPT did an outstanding job designing and developing our Website. We spoke to Kevin and his team in terms of what we wanted done, and five days later, it was completed perfectly! Kevin is very easy to work with and did not hesitate to make edits / updates throughout the process. I highly recommend Kevin and GoKPT.

Todd Baker
VP of Marketing Colonial Health Group, Inc.

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