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GoKPT is where you find passion for design and a priority for usability. GoKPT is focus, clarity, leadership and drive. GoKPT is open, honest and professional. GoKPT is creativity on turbo, inspiration unrestrained and results in hyper drive. GoKPT is creativity, dynamic, fluid and fast paced. Our work has been referred to as unmistakably Elegant, Bold, Sophisticated, Daring, Clean, Memorable and Exceptionally Usable.

GoKPT is consistently pushing forward to achieve new heights, transform corporate mediocrity into magnificence, reshape traditional thinking and spread the good news that design need not be boring and dry to be useable or significant.

GoKPT is prolific creativity, endless inspiration, and field-tested experience, combined with the knowledge and expertise to create “real-world” business solutions. More specifically GoKPT is high-end design coupled with a solid development process and unwaivering production excellence.

GoKPT most recently was praised by our client, General Motors, for “A wonderful example of value generation and realization… seamlessly integrated into our group [Strategic Vision] … demonstrated personal dedication and unwavering work ethic”.

Client comments such as these are what fuels our passion and clearly distinguishes us from the competition.

All the smiles at GoKPT come from, our results, our relationships and how we consistently exceeded our client’s expectations.


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